Lens Materials

Polycarbonate Vs. Trivex

Both Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are thinner and lighter than regular plastic lenses. They also offer 100 percent protection from the sun’s harmful UV light and are up to ten times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. They are commonly prescribed for children’s glasses and safety frames. Trivex lenses, however, are composed of a urethane-based monomer and are made from a cast molding process similar to plastic lenses. This gives Trivex lenses the advantage of crisper optics than injection-molded polycarbonate lenses. Plus, AR (anti-glare) coatings adhere better to the Trivex material versus the polycarbonate material, thereby eliminating cracking.

High Index Lenses

If you want thinner, lighter lenses and eyeglasses that are as attractive as possible, then High Index Lenses are the right choice. Thinner, lighter High Index Lenses are recommended if you have a strong eyeglass prescription. There are several types of High Index Lenses on the market. Allow one of our specialists to determine which type of high index material you need for your lenses.

AR Coating (Anti-Reflective)

All lens materials block some light from passing through the lens. Conventional lenses reflect 8 percent of light so only 92 percent of available light enters the eye for vision. AR coated high index lenses transmit up to 99.5 percent of light to the eye for optimum vision. Eyeglass lenses with anti-reflective coatings provide sharper night vision with less glare – a real advantage for night drivers.

Glass Lenses

Glass Lenses used to be the norm in eyewear lens materials—hence the name “eyeglasses.” Although glass has excellent clarity, it is outdated, and its safety and durability limitations make it a last-choice nowadays. Glass is more prone to potentially-dangerous breakage, unlike polycarbonate and plastic. It is heavier than plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Glass is also more expensive than newer materials. Glass lenses are also NOT suitable for half-rimless or rimless frames.