Beverly went from “not being able to see much while driving or during movies” to being “able to see SO much better!”

– Beverly J




“I had headaches from trying to lift my eyelids, could not wear eye makeup, and was very self conscious. Now, I have a better range of vision, can wear makeup, and am much less self conscious”

– Allison E



“I don’t have headaches or have to hold my eyebrows up in order to see well. The surgery was pain free. Dr. Kellis and Dr. Ryder are great.”

– Noel

Lisa before and after

“My overall appearance makes me much happier.  I’m anxious to get rid of my glasses for contacts and show off my pretty new eyes.  I’d refer my friends and family in a heartbeat to Kellis Eye Center!”

    –  Lisa


Belinda - before and after

My eyes were always my best feature. Over time, my look changed to the point that I no longer saw myself when I looked in the mirror. Now I look in the mirror and smile.

– Belinda

Mary Ann - before and after

I looked and felt older than I wanted to. Dr. Kellis was so positive and encouraging. Everyone says I look much younger. I feel younger also. This has been a life changing experience.

– MaryAnn

Alana- Before and After

“I could not have hoped for a better experience. Dr. Kellis experience and expertise helped me feel confident that he was the right surgeon for me. The people at the surgery center also were top notch when it came to surgery day. Healing was a breeze. I have no regrets and am so pleased with my decision to choose Dr. Kellis.”

– Alane

Elizabeth Simon Testimonial

I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery. I thought I was doing this for vanity, but I can see so much better and my eyes are not tired. The cosmetic outcome is amazing and at 71 years of age Im getting compliments that you are cute. Makes me feel great. I also look natural no pulled tight eye skin.

– Kathleen Irilli

I am very happy with the results of the eye surgery that was performed on my upper & lower eyelids.

– Mary Frances Rish

I always have had a very heavy chubby eyelid as I aged it became more & more droopy Dr. Kellis assured me that I would look rested after surgery and I am very happy with the results. I have also noticed my right eye doesnt tear anymore as it did before. Happy!

– Debbie Schlais

Dr. Kellis did a wonderful job making my eyelids look so natural. Im excited that I can see so much better and I am also excited that I look so much younger!

– Linda Smallwood

I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Kellis. He made me enjoy looking at my eyes, especially the removal of the bags under my eyes. The smoothness of the under eye skin is a job. Thank you!

– Kathleen Ciavarella

I now have eyes that I can see. What a difference. I no longer look tired & I feel like eye makeup may be a thing of the past. Im so happy with my result & would recommend this treatment to anyone. The eye center & Dr. Kellis were wonderful & I thank them so much!!! I feel beautiful. Thank you.

– Darcie Marzec

I am a very happy patient. I can now see like thirty years ago. That is wonderful!

– Richard Ocker

I cant believe how different I look and feel about myself. The surgery was easy because I had a great doctor perform it. I get so many compliments on my eyes. I can see everything and I feel like a young woman. Thank you so much, you will always be in my prayers.

– Jacquelyn Forte

Dr. Kellis is a miracle worker! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I can see so much better now, I wish I had had the surgery a long time ago. I would recommend Dr. Kellis to anyone who is considering having their eyes done.

– Erin Surmaceuiz

I am so happy that I had this procedure done. The vision I have now is amazing. The look of the eye lids are great but the vision is what really counts. Thank you Dr. Kellis.

– Phyllis Waid (Conneaut, OH)

I am very pleased with my eye surgery! Thanks to all who assisted Dr. Kellis the day of my surgery and to the gals in his office, too.

-Kathlee Fazekas (Chardon, OH)

Dr. Kellis is a wonderful doctor. Kind, compassionate and makes his patients at ease. His work on my eyes seems to be a miracle. I can see again. He is warm and caring about his patients never failed to return my calls be it the weekend or weekday. I would and will highly recommend him as an excellent surgeon.

– Eddie M. Losasso (Boardman, OH)

The results of these procedures have given me a bright eyed, more youthful appearance and really allow me to have a larger visual look at my surroundings. I am very pleased with the results.

– Joan F. Morton (Conneaut, OH)

Outstanding doctor. Fast, friendly, professional staff and excellent results. My vision has been restored with very little pain and now I can get on with my life like normal. I thank God for getting me here and Dr. Kellis for a job well done. Also his great staff.

– Jim Zender (Akron, OH)

Did a great job. I can see again and I don’t look like Joan Rivers. Excellent doctor.

– Susan Rupert (Poland, OH)

I could not be happier with my result! Excellent doctor, excellent staff!

– Kathy Mellott (Youngstown, OH)

Everything was great.

– June Hugus (Painesville, OH)


– Robert Pesta (Boardman, OH)

It was a painless and quick surgery. Dr. Kellis and his staff were excellent.

– Denise Anderson (Youngstown, OH)

I’m so happy that I met with Dr. Kellis and after he said he could help me – HE DID! It is wonderful to be able to see better, much better and I thank God for sending Dr. Kellis my way. Please if you can’t see, Just see Dr. Kellis. He is the best.

– Patricia Alessi (Youngstown, OH)

I was extremely fortunate to be in the hands of Dr. Kellis for my eyelid surgery. He has an extremely friendly andaccommodatingstaff of professionals.

– Joseph Mucciarone (Mentor, OH)

This operation was a blessing. I was in constant pain before I had it done. Thank you very much.

– Howard Pratt (Newell, WV)

I am very pleased with the way my eyes look after the surgery.

– Dolores Lynn (Youngstown, OH)

I’m very happy with the results of my eye surgery. Not only can I see better, but Iook so much better also! Dr. Kellis and his staff were wonderful. I’m very thankful that I was able to have this eye surgery.

– Patricia Myers (McDonald, OH)

Well Done.

– Pearl Bean (Rome, OH)

Very happy with the results, how much better I can see and how much better I look. Everything was explained well and the procedure was really nothing more than a little inconvenient. Thanks!!

– Mary Jane McIntyre (New Middletown, OH)

First of all the staff at Dr. Kellis’ office were excellent, for which I thank them. Dr. Kellis was very personal to my case, going above and beyond to get the correct answer. For a doctor to call and keep you informed was above and beyond. Thank you Dr. Kellis.

– Douglas Woods Jr. (Youngstown, OH)

The reconstruction of my face was fantastic. I would recommend Kellis Eye Center anytime.

– Shirley Bartels (Toronto, OH)

My eye sight before surgery was very poor and now it’s like seeing everything new again!

– Madelene Kaliscak (Newton Falls, OH)

Best experience I have ever had. Care was wonderful.

– Louise Mowery (Painesville, OH)

The surgery and experience went very smooth. I am very thankful Dr. Kellis discovered and corrected the cancer. He did a beautiful job with the plastic surgery.

– Audrey Dawsey (Ashtabula, OH)

I can read for long periods of time without my eyelids drooping from fatigue. No more raised eyebrow straining to see. What a difference this has made to my vision and my appearance! Thank you to Dr. Kellis and his kind, supportive staff.

– Vaughn Musser (Columbiana, OH)

I am happy I had it done. My eye feels a lot better.

– Anna Hripko (Youngstown, OH)

I had no pain during the procedure and only minimal during my recovery at home. I would recommend this procedure to anyone.

– Bruno Polito (Lowellville, OH)

Very satisfied with the results of the surgery!

– Richard Waddle (Ashtabula, OH)

My experience with Dr. Kellis has been great. He is a fine doctor.

– Patrick Adams (Boardman, OH)

The surgery that I had at Kellis Eye Center was like a miracle to me. I was missing lots of details in my world and I am so pleased at the results. Thank you for my sight.

– Samuel Akers (Salem, OH)

Everybody was friendly. It is nice to see again and that there is no more feeling like there is something in my eyes. Thank you again.

– Timothy Wenzel (Chardon, OH)

I’m very happy with surgery and the pleasant and courteous staff.

– Willard Raymond (Geneva, OH)

Surgery at the Kellis Eye Center was a very pleasant experince. I’m so glad to have help with Anthem Blue Cross also. The staff really knows their stuff. Thanks so much!

– Harlan Guthrie (Chesterland, OH)

Excellent experience, Perfect Result!

-Patti Weiss (Noble, CT)

Could not have beenreceivedbetter care anywhere.

-Melvin Perry (Painesville, OH)

I was well pleased with the care and treatment I got from Dr. Kellis. He explained everything he was going to do. I was treated well by all of the staff and I am doing great. Thank you!

Dorothy Rushwin (Youngstown, OH)

I had very good care from day one to the final visit. I was able to understand it very well. After my eye check up everything was set up for me within two days. I would like to thank you for everything.

William Zaluski (Struthers, OH)

I am so happy with the results. I feel younger and energized. No one has noticed and that is what I am so happy about. Dr. Kellis is an awesome doctor. I would recommend Dr. Kellis to anyone.